PathoID Incorporated

             Assays from Imagination to Reality

Molecular assays
for the detection of pathogens, genetic diseases, and personalized medicine applications such as determining therapy choices and appropriate dosage ranges are increasingly of importance.

Does your business need to start employing molecular testing, or expand on a current menu?  Rapid developments in technologies, platforms, and applications can make the choice of systems, platforms, assays, and infrastructure (extraction, LIMS interfacing, workflow and process integration) challenging. Which systems will best fit your current needs while allowing for future expansion?  Are there current commercial assays to meet your needs, or is a custom assay better and more cost effective?  What sorts of validation, record keeping, and ongoing EQA programs will be most beneficial to you?

PathoID can help you make informed choices in these critical decisions to keep your molecular assays current, accurate, and cost effective.  With twenty years of experience in the field, PathoID can offer services including:

Evaluation of available commercial assays against your requirements and resources, to help determining suitability of options;

Review of workflow and infrastructure to aid in identifying and pursuing process improvements;

Consideration of immediate and projected future needs at your business in reviewing and identifying best choices in platforms and integration with sample preparation, workflows, and reporting;

Design, protocol development, oversight of performance, and reference lab functions in validation and deployment of new assays;

Wet lab services including assay development;

Assay performance (including real-time and Luminex methods).